The Mystery of Teardrops!

teardrops2Did you know that there is a different chemical makeup in the tears we cry from physical pain and the tears we cry from emotional pain? When we cry tears from sadness or emotional pain, our bodies release serotonin ( Biochemically derived from tryptophan, serotonin is primarily found in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, platelets, and in the central nervous system (CNS) of animals including humans. It is popularly thought to be a contributor to feelings of well-being and happiness.)

I used this little known fact to illustrate the healing power of tears in this excerpt from Ju’stice:

“There was a great mystery inside a teardrop. A gentle mixing of salt and water, chemically balanced. Just as salt water was healing to an open wound, tears were healing to a broken heart. And just as the expulsion of sweat from the body is healing as it releases all those poisons the person had twirling around inside of him, the mystery of tear drops is in how they seem to expel all the toxic emotions twirling around inside of one’s mind.” – Christiaan Keaton © 2009

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