About the Author

Christiaän Keaton

Who Am I?  I don’t believe in religion or politics. I believe in Truth, Love, Justice and Beauty; meaning I believe in God, more specifically, Jesus. However, I do not believe that He did His great work just to start a new religion, but rather, deliver us from it!  When asked recently to articulate my main philosophy of life I quoted Jodorowsky (upon receiving a half filled glass of water)- “Is it half full or half empty?” So I drank the water. No more problem.” ╦╤─  @christiaanck 

View my author page:  amazon.com/author/christiaankeaton

Check out my personal website:  www.christiaankeaton.com

What Do I Write? Fiction, mostly action, suspense, Sci-Fi

Favorite Authors  Carroll, Ishiguro, Dahl, King, Updike (my father’s cousin), Hayden, Miller, Sebald, Dinesen, Dick, Poe, Eliot, O’Neill, Doestoyevsky, Gao Xingjian, Solzhenitsyn, Kierkegaard, Harlan Ellison, 士郎 正宗 Shirō Masamune, Asimov…& me (not to be narcissistic, just honest).

2 Responses to About the Author

  1. Robby Mckenzie says:

    What we want most out of life, is what we are……….


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